The last guardian

The Last Guardian *might have* finally gone Gold…

Ah… The Last Guardian…. This is a game that has been in development for somewhere in the region of 2000 years. So it was a little shocking when the latest announcement turned out to be news that it’s not been further delayed, no… Apparently it’s gone Gold…? 

Well, sort of… Maybe.

This morning the man himself Jun Yoshino told his followers that it was, at last, gold… But that tweet has vanished into the ether since. Luckily the guys over at Polygon managed to catch it before it vanished for eternity.

The tweet, while it still existed, made it seem likely the game would meet it’s recently announced (delayed) release date of 6th December… But at present nobody can tell us why it was yanked, maybe the producer made an announcement he shouldn’t have done? Maybe it’s all a hype device? 

I’m pretty notorious for thinking the worst when it comes to delays… But maybe this is all gonna be fine. We’ve already had one huge one with this Playstation Exclusive and it’s unlikely this will happen again? Surely there can be little left to develop at this point in time? And if it’s gone gold today why couldn’t it still be on for its original release of next week…. Maybe that’s why it’s been pulled…. Drama. 

Check out the trailer below, get excited… Anticipate delays. 

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