Cry at your shit life with overly dramatic Pokemon ad.

Do you remember when life was as easy as playing Pokemon under a bed sheet with a non-backlit screen? Us neither, unless you had a wormlight. Gross.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have been putting out a few ads which try and pull on the old heart strings just a little bit.

This latest ad is a throwback to when you sat cross legged on the floor in your minimalist living room playing Pokemon on a non-lit screen. How on earth did we do that? I tried to play Donkey Kong Land the other day and gave up after a couple of minutes. However, I think my original Pokemon Red save file was over 24 hours.

Then we get to see how shit life is now, clocking in at the office or laying at home alone on your bed (but looking sexy) with your iPad. On a walk past what looks like a chemist, you notice that Pokemon is still around but rather than move on after a cursory glare and a head shake, our man looks like he is going to grab himself a copy. Go on lad.

I wonder if in 20 years time we will see the same sort of dramatic adverts for something like Assassins Creed. HA!

Check out the ad below.

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