WRUP: Chore ignorers

In this weeks WRUP, the Halloween theme starts to creep in, Azeroth gains a permanent resident and the Autobots shrug half heartedly.


Street Fighter 5

While sticking with my previously mentioned Marvel Puzzle Quest this week I have also been playing Transformers Devastation. I wrote about it yesterday after I’d played 6 of the stages tearing up the city and was digging it.

Now I’m in a new environment but the game is exactly the same, it is getting pretty boring. The gameplay is quite straight forward and fun for a couple of hours but I ended up dropping it due to repitition.

I was going to write about my Resident Evil 6 progress here but I played Street Fighter 5 for a disgustingly solid 8 hours last night. An old friend was back in town, and (LLC Admin) Chris was over as well.

Somehow he talked me in to spending almost all my hard earned Fight Money (in game currency) on fucking colours for the characters. I also got the Halloween stage, which is surprisingly detailed.

I think I’m going to be playing a lot more of SFV in the future.


Mafia 3
Mafia III

My games this week have been a pretty mixed bag. As with the previous 2 weeks I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny… And then came the glorious two days of freedom we all have come to know as the ‘weekend’.

My other half and I spent the weekend sitting in our lounge and ignoring the mountain of chores as it threatened to overwhelm us. It was worth it.

We started with Mafia III and I gotta say that so far (I’m about 4 hrs in) it’s nicely executed. The aesthetics are great and I like the characters; my only gripe with this is that I don’t like the gameplay mechanics, for example the combat feels slow. I continue to play this game because the story is excellent and I am desperate to find out what happens.

Next we booted up our beloved but neglected Wii U and got our arses handed to us on Super Mario Bros (Wii U), because we both suck at it, and swiftly moved on to The Legend of Zelda. For anyone who isn’t aware the Wii has a function where you can download classic games from the store and play them using it…. Backwards compatibility, I believe this is called. So this is classic Zelda.. “Take this, it’s dangerous to go alone” Zelda. Because I’m old skool. I even managed to nab myself one section of the Triforce before I lost my temper with the little sand creature bastards.

Then, as the weekend drew to a close and I clawed desperately at my remaining moments of freedom I booted up the 30 ReCore trial which I wrote about here… If you want to know exactly how great I think that is then click the link and go read about it.



For many years the FPS genre didn’t really grab me but Overwatch’s focus on fun and co-operation was enough to pull me back in. With a new event as well as the strong likelihood of a new character I got my posse together for some games.

I will freely admit to hardly being a crackshot so tend to dabble with the easier roles and simply focus on working together with everyone. There is a little salt here and there but when it clicks and you counter the enemy team perfectly it’s a right laugh. Of course Junkrat is bae, and I need his mad scientist costume!

Now to get those Halloween loot boxes.

Elsewhere of course I have played more WoW. It’s amazing it’s still got my attention. They’ve done something right, plus with a nostalgia tinged Karazahn instance coming up with a whopping nine bosses I’m staying a while longer in Azeroth I think.

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