Have you downloaded the PS+ freebies yet?

This month’s PS+ free games are a return to top form, probably in no small part due to the cost of PS+ being increased. 

October’s offering are pretty great if you are a PS+ subscriber (or leech off of someone else’s sub like I do), with some great games on all the platforms it supports.

First of all we have Transformers: Devastation, a third person action game which is deceptively deep. I downloaded this game as a bit of a piss about to play while testing a video set up. Little did I know at the time that the game was superbly made and hard as nails.

Developed by Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising) it should come as no surprise that this game is technically tight. However, Platinum also made Legend of Korra so I was expecting a super lazy licensed game, just a standard affair.

I got something more akin to Bayonetta, with Witch Time-esque dodging mechanics, long complex combos and a multitude of weapons. There is also multiple playable characters and a crafting system (which seems mental given the rest of the game), the graphics are great and I’m sure there is a bunch of in-jokes and references that I, a lowly 90’s baby pleb, do not understand.

Don’t sleep on this one, definitely worth checking out, it is free after all.

This month also offers up Resident Evil and I’ve seen people on message boards and Reddit saying they didn’t realise this was a remake. This is a HD do over of the previously Nintendo exclusive REmake. A lot of people have never had the chance to play this game, which was itself originally a remake of the classic original survival horror game.

As a bit of a Resident Evil aficionado I can say this is the best version of the game and the best classic styled RE game. It is essentially a prettied up and expanded version of the PS1 game you used to shit yourself playing while you were younger. It looks great in HD, the new enemies put you on edge and there is a huge pool of unlockables you can access by completing the game under different conditions.

Hopefully next month keeps delivering high quality games for the loyal PS+ subscribers (and leeches).

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