New CSGO Update takes the piss

CSGO adds premium sprays. Spray and pray, as they say.

Among our staff at LLC, we don’t have a huge Counter Strike Global Offensive fan, luckily for us guest writer @Revioz is. Check out what he thinks of the new update below.

This is the update we’ve been waiting for. Sprays! With the added benefit of being limited to 50 uses each.

Now I know you’ve already started loading up the game in excitement but let’s first take a step back and have a real think about what it is exactly we’re being given here. Ok, given is a poor choice of words on my part considering the price-tag attached to these if you’re not willing to wait for your weekly drop.

Bait ’em

The sprays give you the ability to bait enemies into exposing themselves.

CS:GO is a fast paced game where any unexpected movement or positioning usually leads into shots being fired. Use this game-changing feature to your advantage.

[Credit AnomalyXd on Twitch]

Mask ’em

You know how you cough to cover up a fart sound? Now you can do that in a tactical, strategic and realistic Counter Terrorist simulation.

Teammate about to defuse the bomb? Spray a Kawaii Killer Terrorist on the wall to drown out the sound, as well as distract the approaching terrorist with this terrifying lack of nose.


Waste ’em

The ability to be able to spend more money on things we don’t need!

Grab your wallets it’s time to give Valve more of our money so we can fit in with everyone else and have access to cool in-game features we’ve never particularly wanted to pay for.

If the anticipation of spending money keeps you up at night, then this is the update for you. The rest of us however will stick to having some disappointment with a side-order of posting salty threads on Reddit.

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