Skyrim and Fallout Mods Announced for PS4!

When you want something doing hand the bad news over to your fans and make them do the hard work for you. Sony have taken the hint, it seems, and it was announced last night that mods will indeed be coming to the popular Bethesda titles (Fallout 4/Skyrim) on their platform. It was way back in September that Sony said no to mods and the community revolted. We wrote about the announcement here.

Maybe it was the realisation that this was a fucking dumb decision, or maybe it was the plethora of “I’m moving to Xbox” tweets and comments from users which has made them chance this stance. Last night Bethesda Softworks announced the following on their twitter:

The other good news is that quality snobs will also be able to enjoy 4K support on their brand new PS4 Pro. But who cares about quality when you can turn Dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine?

Fallout needs this.
Thomas the Tank Engine mod: Skyrim

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