WRUP: Filthy Casuals

In this week’s WRUP, we struggle to uphold the facade that mobile gaming is evil and bad.


Marvel Puzzle Quest

Everyday since our last WRUP post I have been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest on my iPad. For the uninitiated the game is basically Bejewelled with a 3v3 Marvel skin. You match gems as you would expect and doing so gives you Action Points. The Action Points are then spent on special moves for your heroes to dish out. It has a lot of really cool touches and the artwork is absolutely incredible, seeing your new characters in battle is half the fun for me.

It is entering Season 30(ish) and I don’t know if I could recommend anyone to start playing now, it would probably be overwhelming.

I’m also on a mission to 100% Resident Evil 4 on PS4. I am just two Trophies away, I’ve beaten all the non-trophy content as well. The two remaining are “collect all the bottle caps from the shooting gallery mini game” and “beat the game on Professional mode”. It is bastard hard but I know enough tricks to keep things manageable. For some reason I didn’t try and collect both these trophies in a single run so I am going to have to complete it again (on normal with infinite ammo for speed) to get the bottle caps I missed.


Doom (2016)

One thing about being an adult who plays games is that I often look at new games and go “man, I will play the hell out of that in three months time when I have that Wednesday evening free”. Well this week are watching bake-off I had a rare few hours to play Doom). And as everyone else discovered a over three months ago, it’s actually pretty good.

One day at work I had five minutes before a meeting so I quickly began playing MapsTD. It’s a tower defence game that uses Google Maps locations. Three hours later I was packing my desk-up and whimpering on the bus to the job centre. Give it a try.



Yeah so I’m gonna talk about World of Warcraft again. Now at level cap and damn have Blizzard been super smart with end game design. You now get world quests amongst the usual PVP and raiding goodness. These fill up your map with icons like it’s got chicken pox and all offer different rewards. You can get competitive gear, resources as well as other fun stuff. The real kicker is that every day you can get an additional box of riches, as well as a tasty chunk of rep, all for the low price of four quests for a specific faction. Basically they are a great way to feel invested if you aren’t playing the game in a hardcore way, like me. Blizz you’ve done it again!

Elsewhere I finally got around to completing Warhammer : Vermintide with friends. I tell you if you want a fun four player Left 4 Dead style game and are into, or don’t mind, the campy fantasy Warhammer setting then this title is a right laugh. At last that pesky White Rat bit the dust like his vermin brethren! Yes I am aware how over the top and ridiculous that last sentence sounds.



Just like Oliver I’ve been drawn in by the filthy, casual, world of mobile gaming this week:

A couple of weeks ago I read a review on Reigns for mobile and was immediately intrigued.. But for £2.79 I wasn’t gonna pay to get it. Luckily I use Google Surveys and I soon had enough money on there to get hold of it for what was effectively free (winner, right?).

This is a game where taking the mechanics of the popular dating game: Tinder (swipe left/right to make a decision) and apply it to ruling a kingdom. Simple but, damn, is it addictive. You are a line of cursed kings destined to rule for eternity and your goal is to break the curse by Tricking the Devil. You have as many lives as needs be so it doesn’t matter if you take a few wrong turns (I’m currently on my 54th King of my second run-through) but you only have three chances to trick the Devil and break the curse.. I have yet to work out how to do it but that just adds to the replay value.

The other game I’ve been putting my limited free time into is World of Warcraft.

I can add little more than Gary has said above; it’s fucking great. But I finally dinged 110 myself, so I can start hitting the extra content he’s been talking about.. Big thumbs up from me.



I’ve been playing an absolute butt-load of Rimworld by Ludeon Studios. Which is, in their own words:

“A sci fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller”

I’m a sucker for these sorts of games generally. I lost my shit for Banished when it first came out and generally lose a lot of time to sims like Prison Architect and Cities Skylines. Rimworld is still in early access at the moment but still scratched a really nice itch by blending the two.

The general conceit is that you control a bunch of people who’ve crash landed on an alien planet and need to survive, but it’s a whole lot more nuanced when you get into it. The game simulates each individuals psychological state that’s affected by pretty much everything, leaving your survivors constantly on the brink of mental breakdown (If you had to live off raw rice for 3 days at -2 degrees I’m sure you’d be a bit pissed).

The most fun comes from the disasters though. I was doing pretty well at first, my survivors were all healthy and all pretty happy. Sure one of them was jealous that his bedroom wasn’t the biggest but he also crash landed in an escape pod and was actively rescued by my original survivors from a herd of angry Muffalo so he’ll get what he’s given and damn well bloody like it.

Then the radioactive fallout hit. It hit hard. Anyone stood outside accumulated radiation poisoning, all of my crops died within days. By the end of the first week I was sending people out on suicide missions to haul back the irradiated corpses of animals that had died and frozen in the snow. They were only wearing t-shirts and torn up trousers because I hadn’t prepared and made them nice coats.

2 of my survivors, and one dog, died in the end. Those still alive ate them.

Grab Rimworld on Steam or get it DRM free

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