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WRUP: What are you playing Day One Edition

This is the first edition of a new weekly feature where we get to talk about what we have been playing this week, in the now.

You might find something that piques your interest, or discover something you may have missed. Check out what we have been playing below.


Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4)

Dragon Quest Heroes has been a bit of a roller coaster, it is amazing to look at and everything is super cute but it’s bloody hard. I couldn’t find how to level up for a long time so I was really going against the grain when it came to fighting the larger hordes of enemies. Turns out it was in the “Misc” section of the menu. I would hardly say that levelling your character is miscellaneous considering equipping weapons get’s it’s own option. Anyway I found it and I’m fighting on, I think I must be going in to the final third of the game now.

For Driveclub, I bought the season pass for £5.99 the other day which is an absolute steal in the season pass sale. It included 69 pieces of DLC which I had to download one by one, ball ache. But at around £3-£4 for each piece that season pass was definitely worth it. I’ve got all the stars in the standard tour mode, so now I have 11 new (smaller) tours to do, and a shit load of new cars. Great game, def recommend.

After dragging my girlfriend through RE5 (which you can read about here), she has since beaten Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2. Now we are on to co-oping Resident Evil 6, all 3 of it’s story modes. We had a rocky start last night after numerous complaints of not being able to see until I cranked the brightness up, but we have managed to beat chapter 1 and 2. The game is a lot of fun and as far as remasters go it look’s superb, especially with the brightness way up so you can see all the little details.


Grand Theft Auto V Online

This week I time-travelled back to 2014. Firstly Grand Theft Auto V. Fun (but slightly depressing fact) is that GTAV was released three years ago this month. Despite this it is still keeping me and my friends coming back. The cycle goes that we all buy a new game (this month it was No Man’s Sky), we play it for an hour, then someone says “man, we could be beating hookers right about now”. And in goes GTAV once again. But it does help when Rockstar are still rolling out updates (like the recently announced Bikers update) for free after all this time.

I also set the grounds for my break-up into motion by purchasing Lego : Jurassic Park second-hand for £14. It’s one of my more recent attempts to get my girlfriend into gaming. Just like how she tries to get me into ‘bathing regularly’. The problem now is that she loves it and I don’t have the heart to reveal that she’s not my first; I’ve played about six Lego games already. Still at least in the world of chaotic release schedules and over-promised delivered games you can always rely on the safe and old reliable Lego games to comfort.

I didn’t just succeed at playing games this week, I also failed at playing games. Having watched a 1080p 60fps pant-wetting video (watch it here) of Super Mario Galaxy 2 running on Dolphin emulator I attempted to replicate the experience on my own equipment. Sadly I forgot that my PC will only run things if all the planets in our solar system are aligned. So I ended up watching my PC cough up half a lung and my dreams of HD Wii gaming melted away.

Finally I rounded the week-up by playing the excellent Virginia. I won’t tell you about it here though. Head over and read my full review HERE.



It’s a week since I was let down by Destiny and wrote a scathing review immediately after blasting through the main story missions… I’ve come back with my tail between my legs. Maybe I was wrong to be so harsh on the title. Especially since between my regular World of Warcraft sessions with my other half it’s the only other game that I’ve so much as thought about playing.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for grindy games.

So now I have to eat my 330 light level helmet with a side of humble pie.

What I realised about this expansion once I got into the stuff outside of the story was that it isn’t particularly about content. It’s about fan service. That’s why the Khvostov 7G-02 is back, that’s why there’s some gut-wrenching Ghost dialogue in the quest for this rifle. That’s why no exotic has been left behind. I realised I’m not disappointed in the game, I love the game, it’s the broken promises that have left me disappointed.

I did hope to get a little more of The Bioshock Collection in the mix but I’m not very good at it and have been slated for dismantling my better half’s favourite game series of all-time.. I get the feeling I’ve been encouraged to play other games because of this. I guess that means I’ll have to take on Rapture this week, instead.



This week I ended up playing the latest Strider of all things.

Like many of us I did the whole check my Steam list to see what on earth is on it. Now I’m not Mr Money Bags but thanks to Humble bundles and Steam sales there is a whole shed load of games that have never been downloaded let alone played.

With that I finally downloaded Strider, after it sat patiently for over a year.

As such my Saturday was taken up playing the 2014 side scroller. Put simply it was very enjoyable. Yeah so the story is paper thin doing little more than stringing the action together, plus the production values clearly aren’t sky high with bland menus and cutscenes where they don’t even try to lip synch. However the core gameplay is fast, satisfying and challenging. With engaging boss encounters in addition to skillful platforming and fighting it’s a blast.

The rest of my gaming time was been absorbed by World of Warcraft : Legion. It’s hard to shake a title you have played on and off for over a decade so obviously I have been checking it out. What can I say, it’s great. Whether I still say that in a month or so once the post expansion launch hype dies down I am not sure, but as of right now it’s a joy to play. Honestly I can’t remember having as much enjoyment in the game since the heady days of Burning Crusade and particularly Wrath of the Lich King.

Now my Demon Hunter is at level cap it’s time to see what all those World quests are about, plus maybe poke my head into a raid.

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