Metal Gear

As expected Metal Gear Survive has nothing to do with Kojima

Thankfully Hideo is not to blame for the latest Metal Gear coming from Konami.

This week Konami showed they actually still make videogames in addition to Pro Evo by giving us around quarter of an hour’s worth of footage for Metal Gear Survive.

As yet the game looks more like an uninspired add on to MGSV‘s online modes rather than a standalone game.

Naturally some questioned the level of interaction creator of the series, Hideo Kojima, had to do with this game.

It turns out, none at all.

At his appearance at Tokyo Game Show a fan asked this very point and his response was as follows.

I’m not involved at all, and I don’t know anything about it. Personally speaking, Metal Gear Solid is espionage to me, political fiction.

I don’t think zombies would appear in such a world.


I tend to agree, though it wouldn’t seem that far fetched.

For all those who want to watch the footage of Metal Gear Survive here it is below. The game itself comes out next year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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