5th to 11th September 2016 Releases

Not as many heavy hitters but still plenty of releases coming our way this week.

As you can see there is a glut of indie games coming this week but in terms of high profile games my personal pick has to be the latest Phoenix Wright.

The tenth in the series and one that sold well in Japan, with 196,831 copies going in the first week.

There are six full length episodes, with one of those being DLC, and to get you ready here is a fun trailer showing off character abilities.

It’s not often you’ll see the phrase “Rally your abilities to spark a legal revolution!” in a games trailer huh.


5th September 2016

Aim Hero (PC)

Block Wave VR (PC)

Final Fleet (PC)

Mother Russia Bleeds (PC)

Sisyphus Reborn (PC)

Space Rangers : Quest (PC)

Spellbound (PC)

The Final Days : I’m Still Alive (PC)

The Odyssey (PC)

Unbox (PC)

6th September 2016

Beyond Flesh and Blood (PS4, Xbox One)

Chaos of Hearts (PC)

Claire : Extended Cut (Xbox One)

Dogos (PS4)

GE Neuro (PC)

Intensive Exposure (PC)

Just Sing (PS4, Xbox One)

Quarre : Magic Library (PS4)

The Garden (PC)

The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel II (PS3, PS Vita)

Touhou Genso Rondo : Bullet ballet (PS4)

Vex (PC)

World of Fishing (PC)

7th September 2016

Awesomenauts Assemble! (Xbox One)

Bullets And More VR (PC)

Divided We Fall (PC)

Dogos (PC)

Oceanhorn : Monster of Uncharted Seas (PS4, Xbox One)

Police Tactics : Imperio (PC)

8th September 2016

Black Sand Drift (PC)

Calm Down, Stalin (PC)

Futuridium EP Deluxe (3DS)

Jotun : Valhalla Edition (Wii U)

Line of Sight (PC)

Log Drive Runner (PC)

MinosMaze : The Minotaur’s Labyrinth (PC)

NightmareZ (PC)

Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (3DS)

Princess Remedy In A Heap of Trouble (PC)

Project Highrise (PC)

Reverence : The Ultimate Combat Experience (PC)

The Tale of Doris and the Dragon : Episode 1 (PC)

Touch Selections (Wii U)

9th September 2016

Adventures of Fluzz (PC)

Cursed West (PC)

Dragon Fantasy : The Black Tome of Ice (PS4)

Dragon Fantasy Book II (PS Vita)

Jotun : Valhalla Edition (PS4, Xbox One)

King Oddball (Xbox One)

Outbreak : Pandemic Evolution (PC)

Pixel Puzzles Ultimate (PC)

PRINCIPIA : Master of Science (PC)

Spinning Maze (PC)

Stardust Galaxy Warriors : Stellar Climax (Xbox One)

The Elder Scrolls Online : Gold Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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