KOF 14

22nd to 29th August 2016 Releases

Well Madden and Deus Ex are here, so looks like it’s gaming season again. Here are this weeks releases, ladies and gents!

22nd August

  • Crawlers and Brawlers (PC)
  • Happy Pong (PC)
  • Hardware Engineers (PC)
  • In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor (PC)
  • Stay Close (PC)

23rd August

  • American Truck Simulator (PC)
  • Cat President : A More Purrfect Union (PC)
  • Deus Ex : Mankind Divided (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • FIVE : Champions of Canaan (PC)
  • Inside (PS4)
  • Madden NFL 17 (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)
  • The King of Fighters XIV (PS4)
  • Tribe of Pok (PC)
  • Worms WMD (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

24th August

  • Metris Soccer (PC)
  • Obduction (PC)
  • Valley (PS4, Xbox One)

25th August

  • Assault Squad 2 : Men of War Origins (PC)
  • Frightshow Fighter (PC)
  • Master of Orion : Conquer the Stars (PC)
  • The West (PC)

26th August

  • Beeftacular (PC)
  • Jasou Gal Bicchi Gakuen Complete! (PC)
  • miniLAW : Ministry of Law (PC)
  • Neon Shadow (PC)
  • Obliteracers (Xbox One)
  • Parveneh : Legacy of the Light’s Guardian (PC)
  • Rogue Contracts : Syndicate (PC)
  • Solar Shifter EX (Xbox One)
  • Space Hole (PC)
  • Space Ranger : Arcade Shooter Kit (PC)
  • The Housewife (PC)

29th August

  • Black Hole Hazard (PC)
  • GravPool (PC)

Honestly I am just happy that the summer drought seems over. As a celebration here are a trio of trailers of the heavy hitters coming out this week.

Playstation exclusive King of Fighters XIV may have the graphics of a PS2 game but I have only heard good things about the gameplay so if you are a fan of the series or fighters in general take a look at a trailer.

Deus Ex : Mankind Divided looks to be another slick RPG which tries to delve into the social impact of mechanically augmented humans in this new instalment.

Now the third trailer is from a long running series with plenty of titles which slowly but steadily improve every time… Worms! That’s right and boy these games are always a blast when you play with your mates. In Worms WMD¬†you have that tried and tested gameplay but now vehicles and building interiors added too!




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