Weekend in Games: Intergalactic Advertising News

It has been one hell of a weekend. We missed most of the news. Stuff went down that we skipped over or didn’t even bother to write about because it was Brighton Pride so we were going a bit mental. So here is a quick catch up with the Weekend in Games.

This might become a regular thing, if weekends keep being slack and Monday continues to be dry, news wise. We will see what the future holds.

Nintendo Forgets it is Metroid’s Birthday


Ninty have done it again, they’ve some how thrown more shade at Samus. Forgetting her Birthday at a time like this after what they did with the Federation Force? I would be livid if I was her. Luckily for Samus, there was a knight in shining armour on her 30th Birthday.

A fan made remake of Metroid II: The Return of Samus is available to download. The original Game Boy game has been remade from the ground up for the PC. Titled AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake), the game has been a hit with players so far and while it is the full game, updates have been promised in the future. Best of all it’s free, so you got no excuse. I recently got one of those dodgy USB SNES controllers for my PC so I will give it a go with that.

AM2R is available for download here.

Update: AM2R got it’s cease and desist, poor one out for your dead homie.

Sonic’s Dad wants him to play with Mario more


Yuji Naka AKA the creator of Sonic has said “I want to create an action game which is co-starred by Mario and Sonic“. The thing is though, he doesn’t even work at SEGA anymore, can you believe the cheek of that? We’ve had a few entries in the Mario and Sonic at the- series with Mario and Sonic at the Olympics and Mario and Sonic at the Smash Brothers which are equally garish. Yuji Naka went on to say “I have always had a dream of Sonic’s own theme park since the olden days, but it would also be good to be a part of Disneyland.” Yeah alright mate, keep dreaming.

If you want more choice quotes from Naka, the partially translated interview can be read here.

News for excitable spacemen


Yeah that’s right you know what I’m talking about. That new hotness. That procedural generated space game made by a charming little indie team that has captured the hearts of fans all over. Xbox owners must be so annoyed they can’t get their hands on this PS4 and PC exclusive. After a roller coaster ride of emotions, this game has a new patch which is going to alleviate a lot of peoples worries and frustrations. Of course I am talking about Galak-Z with it’s new Arcade and The Void modes.

This is a free update from the guys at 17-bit, I will definitely be going back to check it out. Arcade mode allows you to continue where you died (it is normally perma-death) in the hard as balls campaign which I still haven’t finished. The Void is a new endless mode that uses the same procedural generation as the main campaign. Galak-Z is a great game, I’ve been playing it on and off since release.

Oh and in No Mans Sky news, the game got details of a day one patch. Big NMS fan and site admin Chris did a run down on that, check it out here.

We now have ads.


We sold out, we fucking did it. Google got in here and waved wads of cash in our collective face. We are weak, our knees buckled while our eyes turned in to slot machine wheels. They are hopefully not intrusive and relevant (enough) to your interests. We are going to add a “report this ad button” once we are done with these strippers and champagne paid for with sweet, sweet Google-bucks.

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