Let someone else do the thinking in Telltales Batman “Multiplayer”

Why so serious? Yes//No?

Telltale Games is bringing a unique spin on multiplayer to their newest game. The Telltale Games are narrative driven games with minimal gameplay, only asking you to make decisions at certain points in the story.

In Batman: The Telltale Series, if you choose Crowd Play mode, the game will generate a unique URL which you can give your friends (or stream viewers *cash register noise*) which allows them to vote on the decisions you make in game. They can give you a thumbs up/down rating depending on your decisions too.

This novel approach is a cool idea for the series, although I don’t know how it will work with timed decisions, I suppose it just won’t. Telltale¬†also said this Crowd Play feature will be in all their new games.

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