Animal Crossing New Leaf gets Amiibo update soon

Your villagers are waiting, do you remember them? The way you dropped them after 4 weeks? You monster.

Nintendo are planning on updating Animal Crossing New Leaf, for the first time since it’s 2013 release. They are going to add Amiibo support, and as far as we know, it will summon the villager that you scanned to your village. There areĀ Amiibo Animal Crossing cards and the standards figures, but curiously one of the screenshots from the game seems to have some Splatoon characters in it, so maybe there will be some cross over there.


I don’t know what the cross section is between people who own the New 3DS, still play Animal Crossing and have Amiibo. I hope that they are going to be adding more to the game too, I got a copy at Christmas last year so I still play quite often. I only have a standard 3DS so I can’t use the Amiibo anyway without the extra Amiibo puck.

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