“Xbox exclusive” Rise of the Tomb Raider headed to PS4 this October

Sony is raiding Xboxes exclusives RN.

Uncharted’s little sister Rise of the Tomb Raider (RotTR) coming to PlayStation on October 11th this year. This version will have VR modes and a new co operative game type in which you must fight for survival and manage resources. The opitonal VR mode includes a strange zombie battle taking place in Lara’s manor house.

Microsoft went back and forth on the exclusivity of this game. At one point being very shady about it being a timed exclusive to Xbox and PC. Square stood their ground and said it was aiming for a 2016 PS4 release and it looks like they will make it. For a laugh here is a picture comparing the box arts of RotTR and the Uncharted collection.imageWith a slew of new modes and no doubt a boost in graphical fidelity, this will be the version to buy. For more info head here.

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