Tiny Metal

Tiny Metal fills the Advance Wars shaped hole in life

Tiny Metal is a new game being kickstarted by “a bunch of grizzled Japanese devs”. The game is pretty much Nintendo’s Advance Wars series, but on PC rather than your 3DS. It features the same grid layout, same gameplay, same OTT Commanders and even similar battle animations.

Tiny Metal is in it’s early stages of it’s Kickstarter campaign. Although, there is a playable build already available and a video that will show you the rewards (mistranslated to rewords) you can get for contributing to development. Starting from desktop wallpapers, all the way up to being able to design your own units and stages. That’s right you can pay for the right to do their job for them!

The game is scheduled for release in June 2017, wether or not it will hit that date yet we will see. It looks cool and surprisingly far a long for a game thats just having it’s campaign now.

If you watch the trailer below, stick with it after the awful voice over for some gameplay and seeing some adorable Japanese dudes playing with military toys.


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